By Nicolas Normandon, Florian Grenier and Bruno Tati

 Release on july 2019

You play as mercenaries who came to plunder the jungle
of its forgotten treasures. Refusing to believe local legends,
you woke up the Octoman. Your treasure hunt turns into
a nightmare. Run for your life!

A fast, cunning and addictive game in a Pulp and colorful universe.


To survive and triumph over the Octoman:
manage your hand of cards to the best of your ability,
dodge the Octoman and lure it onto your companions of misfortune

A game of OctoRage takes place in several rounds.
As soon as a player wins 2 rounds, he wins the game.

During their turn, players will be able to play a:
– Weapon card, whose value must be greater or equal to the last card played.
If the card is an 8, then the Octoman’s rage is increased by 1.
– Dodge card, which changes the direction of the turn.
– Treasure card, which curses another player and decreases his chances of survival.
If a player can’t or does not want to play a card, then he is attacked by the Octoman.
He loses as many tokens of life as the Rage value of the Octoman.

If a player loses his last token of life, then he is eliminated.
A round ends when only one player remains alive.


55 cards (58*88mm)
1 Rage board (100*75mm)
30 Health tokens
1 Rage marker

6 Character cards

1 Turn Direction card


1 Octoman card

37 Weapon cards


5 Dodge cards

5 Cursed treasure cards


1 Rage board
1 Rage marker
30 Health tokens

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