By Masakazu Takizawa and Valériane Holley

Release on June 2021


Cooperate, approach gently to tear off the pages of the cursed Grimoire and cast spells! The KamiMaï which gives life to the old Grimoire is very dangerous. It will collapse at the slightest vibration and cause you to lose your Energy. And without Energy, there’s no way back!

Cooperation, balance and observation will be your best allies!


You play as a summoner apprentice in a cooperative game: you win together or lose together.

In turn, you will draw cards from the balanced Magic Grimoire to cast spells in order to defeat the KamiMaï and allow the group to escape from the world of Nightmares. If the Grimoire collapses, the group loses 1 Energy Point.

If you lose your last Energy Point, you lose the game, forever trapped in the world of Nightmares.


Exemple et explication des phases de jeu


64 cards (63*88mm)
1 felt playmat
1 KamiMaï notepad (115*115mm)

48 Element

8 Grimoire Guardian

8 Creature

1 KamiMaï

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