by Jonathan Favre-Godal and Corentin Lebrat

 Release on may 2020

Welcome to Connec’Team, a cooperative game combining creation and deduction.
Gather your team and connect as best as you can to win the game together.
One team, one mind!

What to expect from Connec’Team:
Wit, cooperation and fun wrapped around a dynamic and cooperative word association game!


Welcome to Connec’Team, a cooperative game made up of two phases.

 1. Creation phase
Take turns placing a card to create word connections

2. Validation phase
Connect in pairs: select a connection, count to 3 and announce a word simultaneously.
If the word is the same: score a point for the team!

The game contains a Mission mode, a Challenge mode and a 2 players variant!



110 cards (63,5*88,9mm)

98 Idea cards

6 Objective cards

6 Help cards

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