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5 Realms

A game by Florian Grenier illustrated by Jean-Marie Minguez

April 2024

Since you were born, you grew up in captivity among the Alkanian people.
You have learned to survive and whisper in the ears of the mighty. It is high time to take the power back after so many years spent in the shadow of the 5 Realms.

Gather 5 Titans or conquer more castles than your opponent.


To win : gather 5 Titans or conquer more castles than your opponent.

The main idea of the game relies on the use of both sides of the cards, one banner side and one character side that belongs to that realm.
Each turn, alternatively, players add a banner card to the play area in order to collect cards respecting the play and collect rules.
Once you have collected cards, you may INFLUENCE and place these banners in your game area to increase your influence in that realm; or you can either RECRUIT and take a look at the Character side of the cards you have collected in order to pick 1 and add it to your council.
The characters have effects that triggers when you recruit them, when you reach a certain number of influence in a realm, or at the end of the game when having a majority.
So you will shape the way you score points throughout the game.


96 cartes

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