From Johannes Goupy and Théo Rivière illustrated by O’lee

January 2023

After millennia of aridity, life springs again on Rauha.
As a venerable Shaman, move your avatar around your world to shape it and turn it into a cradle of life energy.

An atypical drafting system


With an atypical card drafting system, welcome divine entities, develop your world and move your avatar around it to turn it into a cradle of energy, keeper of serenity and harmony for the centuries to come.

After millennia of aridity, lifEach player has a 9 spots square board with an avatar at the top of the leftmost column.
The game is divided into 4 rounds, each split into 3 turns of “draft” and 1 scoring Energy Points (= victory points) phase.
Through each round, 4 Biome cards are placed in between each player.
Take the cards on your left or on your right, according to the location of your avatar, and pick one.
Clockwise, starting with the player who has the most Energy points, each places his or her card on the board, eventually paying its cost, and then activates all the Biomes in the column or the line facing the Avatar’s location.
Next, move your avatar clockwise.
The alignment of the types of Biomes and Animals on your board will allow you to welcome Divine entities with unique abilities!


Central scoring board and game aid and 2 side modules

5 Satellite boards

1 Black Hole board

5 Individual boards recto-verso

80 Biome cards
Ages 1 & 2 (65x65mm)

4 Divine Entity tiles Biomes

3 Divine Entity tiles Animals

5 avatars

5 Energy tokens

45 Spore tokens

52 Crystals

+100 / +200 tokens

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