A game by Thomas Favrelière illustrated by Raphaël Samakh

November 2023

SYNCRO is a game where you are not allowed to communicate with the other players.
Synchronise with the other players of your team, manage your hand of Spell cards so you can defeat every monster of each level.

Cooperate without speaking to defeat all the monsters!


You are wizard who made a vow of silence. You will have to face an unprecedented threat and fight monsters that threatens the realm.

Cooperate without speaking to defeat all the monsters!
1- At the beginning of the game, communicate by a gesture the potential of your cards.
2- In turn, place a card face down on the monster of your choice.
3- At the end of a turn, reveal all the cards that were played on the monsters and discover if your attacks were powerful enough to defeat them!

You must estimate the value that was played by the other players with limited information and communication.
Throughout the game, you will progress in the adventure, and you will unlock new effects that will spice the games up.
The game consists of 2 chapters with respectively 4 and 5 levels to finish in order to win the game!


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