By Angèle and Ludovic Maublanc
illustrated by Camille Chaussy

Released on March 2021

As Cyrano, wonder the crowds with your poetic genius and your speaker skills.
Inspire Love to a couple, as Roxane and Christian, who will be in love thanks to your cheekiness.


At each round, roll 2 Rhyme dice and 1 Theme die in the centre of the table.

1. Creating the poems

Start the creation of your quatrain (4 lines poem) matching the given theme and the 2 imposed rhymes.

2. Originality of the poems

In turn, starting with the person who rolled the dice,
recite your poem.
Once the poem is over, the poet must announce, clearly, his or her 4 words used at the end of each verses. The other
persons must then tell if they have used some of these words.

3. Beauty of the poems

Vote for the most beautiful poem.
Count up to 3 and point towards the person who, according to you, recited the most beautiful quatrain. Climb down the ladder of hearts for each person that voted the same as you.

When the game is over, the person who filled in the most complete hearts on his or her sheet is declared greater poet.


1 notepad
6 Rhyme dice
3 Theme dice
9 pencils
2 cloth bag

6 Rhyme

3 Theme

1 notepad

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